Xbox one problems today

Sometimes Xbox One games and apps don't function as they should. They may crash to the dashboard or not even load when you select them. The splash screen for a game or app might come up, but then it will just hang and eventually go back to the dashboard. Sometimes games run poorly, you can't load a profile, or maybe the Wi-Fi isn't working right. Fortunately, a simple method can fix all of these problems: a full system reboot. You can say "Xbox, on" to Kinect the next time you want to use it, and your console will boot up super fast.

However, when you have software problems like the ones described above, you should perform a system reboot, or reset. To reset your Xbox One:. Fully turn off your console by holding down the power button on the front of the system for several seconds. You'll be able to tell that it is fully shut down because the light on the power brick will be amber instead of white. Turn your Xbox One back on.

You'll have to either use the power button on the system or the controller; the console won't turn on with Kinect in its fully powered down state. Rebooting your Xbox One works for the same reason that rebooting your PC is the first troubleshooting step for a lot of computer problems: your computer gets bogged down with processes the longer it is running, and refreshing the system every once in a while keep things moving more smoothly.

The Xbox One is the same way. Rebooting obviously won't solve certain problems, such as a bad disc drive; however, when a game or app suddenly stops working, or Kinect stops responding to voice commands, doing a full power cycle on the Xbox One should be your first step toward a solution.

Sometimes system functions are affected by Xbox Live 's status. To check whether Xbox Live is up and running properly, check out xbox. You can see the status of Xbox Live in the upper left-hand corner of the page.

The most common Xbox One problems, and how to fix them

If your Xbox One is not powering on, the problem could be with the console itself or the power source. If you can't turn on your Xbox One with the controller, the problem might be a syncing issue. Try pressing the power button on the console to rule that out. Next, make sure everything is plugged in properly and check the light on your power brick, which should be solid white or orange. Otherwise, you need to order a replacement. If the power supply is working properly yet your Xbox One still won't turn on, you should contact Microsoft.

When issues with games or apps still occur after performing a hard reboot, a different issue may be present. System updates can sometimes cause problems for specific games and apps. Check online to see if other people are having the same problems to figure out what your next move should be.

If simple solutions don't fix your problems, you may need to send in your console for a repair. Tweet Share Email.

Wait 10 seconds. Once your system boots up, everything should be working properly. Locate the content in your applications list. Press the Home button and select Uninstall. Once finished, go to your uninstalled applications in your library to reinstall the film.

Wait for the game or app to install and see if reinstalling has rectified the issue. More from Lifewire.The Xbox One is one of the most amazing pieces of video game hardware ever created. It does everything from playing amazing games to streaming media to tracking every step of your achievement addiction. Networks go down, hardware fails, the center cannot hold, and things fall apart.

xbox one problems today

The new interface might be even more chaotic than the last one, with everything moved to a new, hard-to-find place. You can use a few controller button shortcuts to get around quicker, but first you have to memorize what they are. Xbox Live is the service that connects your Xbox One to the Internet. It lets you play your games online, connect to the Xbox Store, and stream digital goodies.

On the plus side, Xbox Live goes down infrequently. Before playing any Xbox One disc, the system has to install a whole heap of files, which can take a long time and eat up tons of hard drive space. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, the Xbox One will simply forget that your controller exists.

The solution, if this happens to you, is to press the camouflaged silver button on the near left side of your console, then press the tiny hidden button on the back of your controller to tell the two hunks of hardware to scan for each other. Watch the video above for more information. Source: Microsoft. Source: Sony. Of course they do. When Xbox One first launched, it came with a Kinect motion controller whether you wanted it or not. The Kinect sees and hears you as you play, letting you control certain games as well as the dashboard using gestures and voice commands.

Microsoft saw the writing on the wall for its expensive add-on and released a cheaper version of the Xbox One without Kinect. And once Kinect stopped being a mandatory pack-in, Kinect-focused games stopped coming out almost immediately. Who could have predicted that bundling an expensive and lackluster peripheral with your new console was a bad idea?

Here are seven problems with the Xbox One. Controller connection issues Sometimes, for no apparent reason, the Xbox One will simply forget that your controller exists. Hard drive woes Source: Microsoft.Last Updated a minute ago: Xbox Live is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery platform. No problems detected at Xbox Live. At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Xbox Live.

Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments. Game on Ps4 bro,leave that Xbox in the trash. If so, place it further away from the console. There are already problems with interference Wifi. Fenrisulfr99 JustHowItIs5 IGN You forgot plug and play support for xbox on pc 0 issues hassle free Getting ps4 controller to work with some pc games takes some hours of going through a lot of forums Also i have almost never used the touchpad in any of the award winning exclusive.

I deleted my profile to redownload it and it can't. Standingfast85 I have the same problem. I've even heard reports of it on IOS and Android. Double gunning against xbox players.

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Maybe think about it further before you come to a complete decision.

xbox one problems today

Now trying to move saves between disks so I can format in case it's that, but that requires sign in. Which I can't do. So likely to lose everything, and then find it makes no difference. Will wait for an update, as seems to be a developer issue :.

Lexithatismee XboxSupport There's no known outages at this time. Please push and hold the Xbox button on your controller and go to Restart on the power menu to clear cache and try again.

Yes they do, but Sony making their batteries internal has won over egomaniacs and offers uninterrupted gaming Ds4 for windows has killed Xbox app on windows A fix should be incomig from the devs ASAP. You'll die of alcohol poisoning in a day. Xoebu XBL. That is all I know, sorry. Another interesting thought: I see a lot of people who have been upset that Oculus now requires a Facebook login to use the social features.Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

No problems detected at Battlefield V. At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Battlefield V. Are you experiencing issues or an outage?

Xbox One Problems Social and Gaming

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THB they should just fix the game already. That's why Apex was good, EA didn't touch it. BFV I played plenty and it just got worse as the game went on imo. EA isn't off the hook, just not the worst anymore.

MWModernWarfare Fix your shit! Just copy battlefield some more and you will finally make a good game Battlefield would never disappoint me like this game does, not only do you beg for money but you can't even fix your servers on easter sunday One of the funnest times I've ever had in a videogame was the little drone in Battlefield 3 that was supposed to be an unarmed scout but could still splatter kill enemies like a flying bowling ball. I got so good with it I could crash through windows and chase them down hallways.

Its slow for a light. Lights and meds that want to close or run away will. So it needs a diverse array to adapt to battlefield needs. Battlefield please fix your match making! Been trying to join my friends for half an hour now and nothing is working! What a joke! EAHelp having issues with Battlefield V. This week I've been receiving the ce error after playing for a couple of minutes. Ive already tried reinstalling and initializing the PS4 Pro. Only happening with BFV.

Fix firestorm get rid of all the cheating teamers or just delete firestorm off your game. Literally so simple. I have never known a company to be so stupid with a battlefield.

Many of them could be prevented by different lighting and vegetation assets that don't hide a complete soldier.Unless you're having issues with your local internet connection, Xbox Live sign-in issues can be caused by service outages on Microsoft's side.

These outages can sometimes be system-wide and sometimes occur only in specific locations or with specific users. Need assistance with error codes such as 0x87dd? Check out our common Xbox errors guide below.

xbox one problems today

See: Is Xbox Live Down?. Sometimes, the outage is over and sign-in issues persist. To fix Xbox One Xbox Live sign-in problems, perform a full reboot of your system, also known as a powercycle, cold restart or hard reset. To do this, hold the power button for 10 seconds while the system is on.

The system will turn off. When you hit the button again, it will start and display the green start-up screen.

Has the latest Xbox One update bricked your console? We’ve a fix.

All your data is preserved, but cache and some settings are reverted and log-in or game start issues are resolved. If the manual reboot doesn't work power down the Xbox Oneunplug it, wait for 10 seconds, plug everything back in and power it back on. Having issues with your Xbox Live and need some assistance? Here are some of the most common Xbox Error Codes that you may encounter.

Often occurring while downloading content on your Xbox, Microsoft has a number of solutions that could potentially help you over come the annoying 0x87dd error. Find solutions for the 0x87dd error code here. Last Edited: 30 Sep pm. You can check the status of Xbox Live's connection status here. Was this guide helpful?

xbox one problems today

YES NO. Table of Contents. Xbox One vs.Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. Learn More. Our guide explains the most common Xbox annoyances and how to quickly fix them — whatever version of the Xbox you own, everything you need to know and all the solutions you need are right here.

Microsoft updated its Xbox One console inwith the Xbox One S now coming with support for 4K Blu-rays, and a much slimmer design. Related: Best Xbox One deals. Luckily, Microsoft has since seen the light and added backwards compatibility to the Xbox One. However, not all your games will run on the latest console. When backwards compatibility was added inthere were only Xbox games that would work on the Xbox One. More have been added since, and now that number is up to You can check out a list of all backwards compatible titles here.

However, there are obvious reasons for this. Using a lower resolution or frame rate helps to avoid performance issues that come with large games. Battlefield 4for example, runs at p, while Need For Speed: Rivals runs at the full p resolution.

A quick Google before buying should let you know whether a game will run at the full resolution or not. The aforementioned Battlefield 4 has a 60fps rate, while Need For Speedthough it has a higher resolution, runs at only 30fps. Of course, the issue could stem from your own internet connection, so the old trick of restarting your router may well fix the problem.

Otherwise, head over to the Microsoft Live Status page to see if the company is experiencing problems on its end. Related: Best Xbox games. You could also try a hard reset on the console, which clears the cache and resets the network card. Simply hold the power button for five seconds until the console shuts down. You can then unplug it, leave it for 30 seconds, and reconnect.

Related: PS4 vs Xbox One. Many a gaming session has been delayed by this simple mistake. If, however, your Xbox One refuses to read any discs, Microsoft has a few solutions for you to try. Once the console has shut down, turn it back on and try the disc again.

Still having issues? Time to request a repair from Microsoft, or take the console back to where you got it and cause a fuss until they replace it for you.

Unfortunately, it seems there could be an issue with some early 4K Blu-ray discs. Microsoft has a page you can visit for a full guide to installing and setting up the relevant app. Check whether your console is online or not, as simply ensuring you have an internet connection is sometimes enough to kick-start an install. Otherwise, connecting to the internet should start any patch downloads.

You can use the Live Status page to check whether Microsoft is having issues with its online service. Otherwise, try resetting the console using the hard reset method described above. While it might not seem as though an internet connection is required to install a game, often the console will download the latest updates before actually installing the game files from the disc. Try cleaning it off before restarting the install process. Unlike other sites, we thoroughly review everything we recommend, using industry standard tests to evaluate products.

We may get a commission if you buy via our price links. Tell us what you think — email the Editor.Being unable to install a new Xbox One game you just bought can be a very frustrating experience. We go over common Xbox One issues with reading discs, updating your system, experiencing random power-downs, or issues with audio, resolution, controllers, and more to help you get your console back in working order.

Doing so will expedite any issues that are still covered under warranty. One of your first steps for fixing an issue with your Xbox One used to be contacting the XboxSupport Twitter page listed in the table above. However, in earlyMicrosoft reportedly laid off its in-house support team and replaced employees with volunteers. The Twitter account is still active but it replies sparingly. You may have better luck just contacting Microsoft through phone or live chat.

Possible solutions:.

Is Battlefield V down?

Microsoft has addressed this particular issue multiple times and confirmed that owners can return the hardware. If are suffering from this problem, your options are limited. Some users have reported issues during the mandatory update phase. Before you contact Microsoft, there are a few steps you should try first. This could be the console itself, but it is more likely the power brick. The first step is always to simply check to make sure everything is connected properly. Once that is done, the next step is to verify that your power brick is working properly.

All Xbox One power bricks have a light on them to signify they are receiving electrical current. If you see a solid white or solid orange light, the power supply is working properly. If there is no light or it flickers, it needs to be replaced.

Before you contact Microsoft though, try these quick fixes. A small number of users have reported that their Xbox One is turning off unexpectedly. This is a separate issue from the system not powering up.

This may be a malfunction, but there are other causes that anyone can fix. Before you rush off to contact Microsoft and tell them your console is broken, try these steps to see if the issue can be resolved on your end.

Microsoft has confirmed that some users may have an issue with the Xbox One automatically detecting the proper display resolution. This is actually an easy fix, but it requires a few steps:. There are a few known issues with the audio settings of the Xbox One. Thankfully none seem to be due to the hardware itself, so there are possible fixes you should try before contacting Microsoft. The issue with the audio could be one of several things, ranging from a software setting to faulty connections.

The bad news is you may need to purchase a new cable or two or call Microsoft and wait for a replacementbut the good news is that it may be as simple as changing your options. All Xbox One games need to be installed.

This process happens in the background, and gamers can generally start playing the game as the installation is ongoing. This could be an issue with the optical drive, the disc itself assuming it is disc-based rather than downloadableor a network connection.

It may require a call to Microsoft, but there may be an easier fix. Xbox forums have identified plenty of issues especially with connectivity and drifting.

There are several easy methods that could possibly solve these problems. Freezing or crashing could be caused by a myriad of reasons, but there are ways to get back in the game quicker and possibly deter future hiccups from happening as often.


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